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Looking to fundraise for Magpas Air Ambulance but short of ideas? We’ve got plenty for you! Whether it’s indoors with friends and family, at school or at work, have a look below for some of our suggestions and download a sponsorship form to get fundraising today. Have an idea of your own? Get in touch with our fundraising team at [email protected] or call 01480 371060 (option 2).

Our Fundraising Team

Athletics superstar: Whether as an individual or a team, you could tackle your ultimate distance run, swim the length of the English Channel in your local pool, hold a dance-athon or set off on a long bike ride to break a sweat for Magpas Air Ambulance!

Art show: Many artists are clamouring for the opportunity to show others their work, so invite local artists to lend you their work for an exhibition with an entry fee.

Bake sale: It’s got to be among the most popular ideas, but bake sales are a great path to fundraising success. Put a twist on it by baking healthier cakes using vegetables.

Collection Tins: Place a Magpas collection tin in your workplace, or local shop or pub. Every little helps!

Dress up or dress down: Get your workmates or school to make a donation and ditch their regular outfit for pyjamas, costumes or just something less formal for the day.

Fundraising Packs: Request a fundraising pack!

Orange Day: Join in on the fun every Orange Day, an annual fundraising event held in May to raise money for Magpas while wearing orange, eating orange, and doing just about anything orange!

Pack it up: Whether you can’t stop biting your nails or have another habit you’d like to kick why not give it up whilst fundraising for our lifesaving service? If it’s a costly habit you could donate the money you save or have friends and family sponsor you.

Pin Badges: Request a box of Magpas Air Ambulance Pin Badges, featuring our new Augusta Westland 169 helicopter, and sell them for £1 each!

Quiz night: Whether it’s the pub, the village hall, or your friend’s garden, all are the perfect venue for hosting a quiz. Get working on some questions and have your guests pay to play. Mix up the topics or make it a more niche, it’s your choice as quizmaster!

Sell a skill: Maybe you excel at nail painting or perhaps you’re a budding chef. Whatever your skills, why not share your talents in exchange for donations to Magpas Air Ambulance?

Unwanted goods: Got any unwanted items lying about at home? Why not sell them online and donate the proceeds to Magpas or deliver them to our charity shop in Sandy?

Waxing: Are you brave enough to face a waxing? A little pain will be worth it for the kudos and sponsorship money you collect!

Zip it: Are you a bit of a chatterbox? Pledge a day of silence and get sponsored by your friends and family!

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