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Why and Who

On top of the lifesaving services provided by the charity, Magpas has also introduced a dedicated Trauma Research program in 2005 which aims to learn the lessons from traumatic injury. This is the only kind of research of its type in the UK.

Why and who

The charity is proud to work in partnership with Leicester University on the Trauma Research and the resulting papers will be published later this year.

In conjunction with the University Hospital of Leicester, Magpas runs CTARP (the Cambridge Trauma and Audit Research Project) CTARP aims to learn the lessons from cases of traumatic injury in Cambridgeshire in order to help save even more lives in the years to come. Full details of which can be found on the Details of research page.

When there is a serious incident such as a road traffic collision, there is an incredible amount of information held by many different organisations, including the Police, the Ambulance service, Fire and Rescue, Magpas, the Ambulance Service and Hospitals. CTARP is the first research project of its kind to pull together all of this essential information, as a result a clear picture can be formed on how we can prevent future cases of trauma and improve patient care pathways.

University of Leicester

By comparing all of the information gained, Magpas and the University of Leicester aim to discover trends and patterns in order to help prevent future incidents from happening and to improve the provision of treatment available at the scene.

"Trauma kills or seriously injures over 3,500 children and young people each year. If it were a disease it would be called an epidemic. We are determined to learn as much as we can so we can improve treatment and prevention." Dr James French Magpas Research Fellow

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