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Baby girl delivered outside Magpas Helimedix Base!


Photo caption (left to right)Magpas Helimedix Doctor Alexandra Cross, Nick Usher, Theresa Usher and baby Beatrice Usher

The Magpas Helimedix were called to a rather an unusual incident recently, which literally took place on the Magpas doorstep! Watch this video (courtesy of Andy Wilkinson from Shooting Image Ltd) to find out more:

One night, towards the end of last year, Mum-to-be Theresa Usher from Manea was being driven to hospital by her husband after she started experiencing contractions. When the labour progressed faster than expected, husband Nick was left with no other choice but to pull the car into the nearest lay-by, which also happened to be the entrance to the Magpas Helimedix Operations Base gate! Magpas Helimedix, Doctor Alexandra Cross, Paramedic Simon Standen and Doctor Vijayasankar, drove the shortest distance on Magpas incident record to Mr and Mrs Usher at the gate, via the Magpas Rapid Response BMW. They then helped to bring the couple's new addition into the world, whilst working alongside a local midwife (who was on the phone) and an EEAST Ambulance Service Paramedic Crew.

The Usher family (minus two year old daughter Rose) came to visit the Helimedix Base with three day old babe in arms Beatrice. Theresa and Nick thanked Magpas Dr Alexandra Cross and the rest of the Helimedix team for all their help that night and Alex even got to hold little Beatrice, who slept the whole way through the meeting and tour of the Base!

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