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Enter our Christmas Raffle for your chance to win £3,000!

Enter our Christmas Raffle for your chance to win £3,000!

Our Christmas Raffle is now live and you could win up to £3,000 by entering for just £1!

There are many prizes available including £1,500 and £500, plus smaller prizes of £25.

Books of 12 raffle tickets are available now. Could you sell some to your friends, colleagues or community group? 

The 2016 Christmas Raffle will be drawn on 27th January 2017 and winners' names will be announced on our website. 

Money raised from the raffle will go towards keeping our air ambulance flying and providing lifesaving care 24/7.

To buy tickets please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop by our headquarters in Huntingdon. You can also call 01480 371060 to speak to our fundraising team. Good luck in the draw and thanks for supporting Magpas Air Ambulance!

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St Neots fire crew visit Magpas Air Ambulance base to hand over donation

St Neots fire crew visit Magpas Air Ambulance base to hand over donation

A team of firefighters from St Neots Fire Station have donated £500 to Magpas Air Ambulance at a visit to the charity’s operations base.

The station welcomed the public at an open day on 24th September while raising funds for good causes. Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service regularly work with the specialist medics from Magpas Air Ambulance at the scene of emergency incidents - often road traffic collisions.

Pat Ferguson, an on-call firefighter at the St Neots Fire Station, said: “It's only when you see the lifesaving work the Magpas team do under extremely difficult circumstances that you really start to appreciate and understand the skills needed to be part of that team. Having witnessed first-hand the lifesaving work the medics can do by the side of the road it’s an honour for me and the team at St Neots to work alongside them.”

In a visit to the Magpas Air Ambulance base on 19th October, the crew handed over a cheque for £500 to Critical Care Paramedic, Chris Hawkins. Chris and volunteers Jan Parker and Jenny Smith also gave them an up-close look at the air ambulance and talk about the service.

Chris said: “We work closely with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and the other emergency services when helping people involved in serious incidents. They’ve already experienced directly how their donation makes a real difference to people in life-threatening emergencies. We really appreciate that they’ve chosen to support our work as we’re not a state-funded service.”

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Our Summer Raffle 2016 winners!

A big thank you to everyone who bought and sold raffle tickets for this year's summer draw. The winning tickets were drawn on 28th July 2016.

There were 15 prizes up for grabs and the winning tickets were:

£3,000 - Winning ticket number 1036705

£1,500 - Winning ticket number 0961460

£500 - Winning ticket number 0740232

£25 - Winning ticket numbers 0445788 and 0705606

£10 - Winning ticket numbers - 0196011   0244224   0865786   0703151   0956284   0259996   0216871   0346486   0458327   0184727

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your support!

Try your luck again in our Christmas Raffle coming later this year!



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Annual golf day organised by The One Group raises £15,000

The ninth Annual Lifesavers Golf Day organised by THE ONE  GROUP in aid of Magpas Air Ambulance has brought their tremendous support to nearly £70,000! The event took place on Friday 8th July at The Bedfordshire Golf Club with a 12 noon 4 ball shotgun start with the now customary team, individual and “just for fun” competitions. Everyone taking part had a fantastic day out and raised the equivalent on the day of 25 life-saving missions for the helicopter, an amazing achievement. Each year THE ONE GROUP’S  golf day gets bigger and better, which puts no pressure at all upon Sam Price who organises the event with next year’s date already set in the diary for Fri 7 July 2017.

With offices covering the areas around Cambridge, Peterborough and Northampton, THE ONE GROUP is Cambridgeshire’s largest independent specialist recruitment consultancy. THE ONE GROUP’S specialist recruitment consultants offer unparalleled recruitment marketplace expertise across 5 specialist recruitment divisions : Accountancy, Executive Search, Human Resources, IT & Office Support. THE ONE GROUP delivers “RECRUITMENT AS IT SHOULD BE”.

From left to right Anthony Barnes, Director, Sam Price, Senior Consultant ,and Tristan Drane, Managing Director (pictured here with HEMS Crewmember Lee and Chief Pilot Richard) visited the Magpas air base yesterday to hand over their magnificent contribution of £15,000.

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Nr Warboys, man injured in road traffic incident - Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene


At 1:04am in the early hours of this morning (10th), Magpas Doctor Rupert Hurry and Paramedic Dan Read arrived at a rural location, north of Warboys, via the Magpas rapid response vehicle. They were called out to treat a man (in his 50’s) who was involved in a single vehicle road traffic incident.

The Magpas medical team assessed the patient who had suffered an arm injury. They then worked alongside Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, an EEAST paramedic crew and Cambridgeshire Police to move the man safely out of the car he was in - and into the back of a land ambulance. The Magpas team gave the patient pain relief and he was taken to Peterborough City Hospital, by land, in a stable condition.

We have no further information at this time.

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Buckinghamshire, motorcyclist seriously injured - Magpas Air Ambulance flies to scene

At 6:11pm on Sunday evening (July 3rd), Magpas Doctor Peter Holden and Paramedic Simon Standen landed in the Chesham area via the Magpas Air Ambulance. The Magpas medical team were called out to treat a man, in his 50’s, who had been involved in a motorbike incident (which left him stranded in thick undergrowth near the side of a road).

The Magpas team assessed the patient who had sustained multiple injuries. They provided him with pain relief and moved him safely into the Magpas Air Ambulance, before flying him to Addenbrooke’s for further investigation. On arrival at the hospital, the man was in a very serious but stable condition.

The helicopter crew who flew the patient and the Magpas medical team were Magpas Pilot Andy Figg and Crewmember Lee Kennedy.
An EEAST paramedic crew were also present, alongside the Police.

We have no further information at this time.

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Nr Woburn, man in serious bike fall - Magpas Air Ambulance flies him to hospital


PHOTO CAPTION: Magpas Air Ambulance lands next to EEAST HART team near scene of incident

At 2:10pm on Saturday afternoon (2nd), Magpas Doctor Phil Morgan and Paramedic Simon Standen landed near some tall, dense woodland (north of Woburn) via the Magpas Air Ambulance. They were called out to treat a man (in his late 20's) who suffered a fall, in the midst of doing a jump on a mountain bike.

The Magpas team assessed the patient who had sustained serious back injuries. They provided him with pain relief and immobilised him to protect his injuries, before flying him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital for further investigation. On arrival at the hospital, the man was in a serious but stable condition.

The helicopter crew who flew the patient and the Magpas medical team were Pilot Andy Figg and Crewmember Lee Kennedy.
An EEAST paramedic crew and EEAST Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) were also in attendance.

We have no further information.

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Northamptonshire, car & pushbike collision - Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene

At 6:23am this morning Magpas Doctor Drew Welch and Magpas Paramedic Alex Pearce arrived in Northamptonshire (to the East of Lamport) via the rapid response vehicle. They were called out to treat a man (in his mid-20’s), who had been thrown quite a distance from his bicycle and into some bushes - after his pushbike and a car collided.

The Magpas team worked alongside an EMAS paramedic crew to assess the patient. Fortunately, the man didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries, but was given pain relief for a suspected leg injury.

The patient was then taken, in a stable condition, by land ambulance to Northampton Hospital for further treatment.
Northamptonshire Police and Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service were also in attendance.

We have no further information at this time.

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Huntingdon dad and motorbike enthusiast to take on 1,000 mile fundraising challenge

Huntingdon dad and motorbike enthusiast to take on 1,000 mile fundraising challenge

Jon Parsell suffered serious injuries to his upper body and foot, when he came off his motorbike after he rode over an oil spillage on a bend on the B1090, close to the Hall Farm turning at Abbots Ripton, in 2011. At about 10.30 that morning, Jon left home on his BMW GS1200 – his 40th birthday present – and was heading for a camping trip on the Scottish border with friend and neighbour Dave Richards. They were travelling towards the A1(M) at Sawtry, riding through Abbots Ripton en-route. But the journey was cut short just 10 minutes after leaving his home in Houghton.

Jon says, “It was a week after the Secret Garden Party and there were loads of people there packing up,” he explains. “As we passed, I slowed down to around 40mph and the next thing I knew was my handlebar was all over the place and then I saw the ground rushing at me. I hit a sign post and ended on my back in a ditch looking at the sky. I checked each of my hands, then my right leg, and then my left. It wasn’t where it should have been and was bent outwards”. Jon went on to say, “My first thought was to get my phone out and take a picture. By then Dave was standing above me, calling an ambulance. I just tried to keep calm.”

“The next thing I remember was seeing the orange of the Magpas Air Ambulance team suits. When Magpas Dr Fiona Bowles said I would be OK, I knew at that moment that everything would be fine. They just made me feel at ease. Dr Bowles cut my boot off and tried to find a pulse. She told Magpas paramedic Dan Cody that she couldn’t find one. She said to me that it wasn’t good, but moved my foot, and found my pulse. She then reassured me, telling me that it was a good sign.

Jon goes on to say, “I’ve been told that, if there hadn’t been a pulse, I could have lost my foot.” He added: “I just can’t help but get emotional when I speak about the relief I felt when the Magpas Air Ambulance team arrived. I don’t want to think about if I was alone at the time.”

Jon is now fundraising by riding 1,000 miles on his motorbike in 24 hours! He'll be setting off in an anti-clockwise tour from the north of England up to John O'Groats and back down to Leeds. You can sponsor Jon at his JustGiving page.

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18 stone pie eating trucker goes slimline - following fight for life!

18 stone pie eating trucker goes slimline - following fight for life!

As summer finally shows its face; Histon based lorry driver, father of three and stepdad to three, Dave Warren, is pretty confident about wearing shorts and a T-shirt and showing off his pecks! But, four and a half years ago, it was a very different story. Dave admits to being a “chunky chap” who at 18 stone could, “Trough for England!”. When, in October 2011, his world was suddenly turned upside down - leaving him lying in a ditch with life threatening injuries. It was then he made a promise to himself, that as soon as he was able; he would get fit, fight obesity and not follow in his parents’ footsteps (both of whom suffer from diabetes).

On October 17th 2011, at 9pm, as he was out riding his Suzuki GSX-R 600 XK5 limited edition motorbike down the road between Cottenham and Histon, the front suspension failed on a corner. After colliding with a telegraph pole and being thrown into a ditch, Dave thought his number was up. He explains, “It was hideous, I remember lying there and I couldn’t feel my legs and my back was absolute agony”. Dave suffered a broken coccyx and the four vertebrae above it, as well as 10 broken ribs, a punctured left lung and a lacerated spleen.

Dave remembers Magpas Air Ambulance Doctor Fiona Bowles and Paramedic Simon Standen turning up at his side, “What they did for me that night was fantastic. I can’t begin to explain the difference they made, other than I wouldn’t be here now…end of”.

After a long and slow recovery and almost four and half stone lighter, Dave feels like a different man. After five weeks intensive training, he’s getting ready to take part in the Histon Flaming June Half Marathon (13.2 miles) this Sunday 12th June at 9:30am - where his wife and five of his children will be cheering him on from the start line. Dave explains, “It’s the least I can do, to repay Magpas as my local charity and for changing my life!".

Please show your support for Dave by logging onto https://www.gofundme.com/25mrcnqc


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Warwick Davis asks you to get on your bike!

Warwick Davis asks you to get on your bike!

Warwick Davis asks you to get on your bike with Rebekah!
Inspired by an extraordinary local woman who is determined to save more lives after battling to survive herself

Cambridgeshire based and internationally acclaimed actor, Warwick Davis, has been so impressed by one local girl’s sheer focus and determination, after having defied death as a young girl, he wants you to join her and get on your bike!

In 1994, Rebekah Cheshire and her mother Louise (both from Peterborough) were on their way to Wisbech, when they were involved in a horrific car accident. Rebekah was three years old at the time and was left with such critical brain and body injuries, everyone thought she wouldn’t make it. Instead, Rebekah has since learnt to walk, talk, hear, eat, sit and see again. At the age of 24 she still continues to push her personal boundaries (despite dealing with some physical, learning and emotional challenges). Last year she trained to run long distances (which wasn’t easy for her), before embarking on two challenges - and inviting everyone to, “Run with Rebekah!”. Just click on this link to watch Rebekah in action: https://youtu.be/cmGhl9ZO1EM

This year, Rebekah is on a cycling mission as she gets ready to take part in her first ever biking challenge, the Tour of Cambridgeshire, taking place on June 4th/5th. For more information about the event, please click here: http://www.tourofcambridgeshire.com/index.php Recently, Warwick Davis managed to find time, amidst his busy filming schedule, to support this incredible woman, as she raises funds for the charity that helped to save her life - Magpas Air Ambulance…and where better to find a captive audience than at this year's Yaxley Festival, which attracts between 20,000 to 30,000 people! Watch this short ITV Anglia clip to see what happened.

Warwick, a patron of the festival, explains, “Yaxley Festival always has a fantastic atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed introducing everyone to Rebekah and her cycling partner, as they led me round the main festival arena on Rebekah’s tandem bike.  I asked everyone to join her and raise crucial funds for Magpas Air Ambulance by signing up to the Tour of Cambridgeshire, or any other cycling event for that matter. You could even get sponsored to ride around your garden!”. Warwick goes on to say, “Magpas Air Ambulance provides a vital lifesaving service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the East of England. It’s only when you need their help that you truly realise just how important the work of the charity is.”

If you don’t feel like getting on your bike, but you would like to sponsor Rebekah in her cycling endeavours, just click here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=onyourbikeforrebekah

Rebekah’s mum Louise adds, “Rebekah and I feel very strongly about raising money for Magpas Air Ambulance which really cares about people. We want to help them to buy more lifesaving equipment, much like the kit that was used to help save Rebekah’s life 20 years ago…so please get on your bike for Magpas."


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Cyclist raises over £5,000 for Magpas Air Ambulance, smashing target

Cyclist raises over £5,000 for Magpas Air Ambulance, smashing target

A young cyclist has handed a cheque for over £5,000, more than four times his initial fundraising target, to Magpas Air Ambulance after completing a 50-mile ride.

Adam Brooker, 23, was involved in a serious road traffic collision near Peterborough in October 2014, when his car collided with a lorry, leaving him trapped inside the vehicle and suffering from serious life-threatening injuries. The Magpas team flew to Adam in the air ambulance, and placed him in a medically induced coma before flying him to Addenbrooke’s Hospital. Adam spent eight days in intensive care and came out of hospital a month later.

In September, Adam, his father Reece, and 11 friends made the 50-mile journey from his home in Holbeach to the charity’s headquarters in Huntingdon, and then on to the helicopter’s base at RAF Wyton.

Adam set out to raise £1,200 to cover the cost of the air ambulance’s flight to the scene of the collision and on to hospital. The £5,250.57 Adam raised will go towards the costs of operating the lifesaving scheme which has recently become a 24 hour service.

Adam said: “I honestly believe that without the immediate critical care I was given by the Magpas team, I would not be as well as I am today. I was amazed to learn that Magpas is a charity that receives no government funding. Everyone should support Magpas, you never know when you might need them. I’m really grateful to everyone who helped me beat my fundraising target.”

Debbie Florence, Head of Fundraising at Magpas said: “This is a huge achievement for Adam less than a year after he was so seriously injured. The money Adam and his friends have raised will allow us to continue providing critical lifesaving care to others in medical emergencies.”

Adam and his friends will continue their fundraising efforts for the charity with a 10km obstacle course at Rockingham Castle on 12 March. Mud Up for Magpas will see them pitted in a race against 14 of the charity’s medics who will also be running to raise funds. 

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The difference YOU are helping to make at Magpas 24/7

The difference YOU are helping to make at Magpas 24/7

In the last two months, since we launched our extended Magpas 24/7 service, 126 patients in medical emergencies have needed us in the East of England and beyond. That’s 48 more patients who have been treated by our highly trained Magpas Doctor and Paramedic teams, by land and by air, compared to this time last year. 

This is the difference your support has helped us to make.

Tell your friends and families about us and help to spread the lifesaving word, so that we can be there if you or loved one ever needs us. Thank you. #Magpas247

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Flying high - Doctor and lifesaving pioneer wins Air Ambulance Lifetime Achievement Award

Magpas Dr Peter Holden

Photo caption: Magpas Dr Peter Holden with his Air Ambulance Lifetime Achievement Award

After 32 years of impressive accomplishments in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM), last night proved to be a proud moment for Dr Peter Holden as he was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award, at last night's National Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence, held at London's Millennium Gloucester Hotel.

Starting out doing immediate care in motorsport in 1983, Peter has played an integral role clinically, educationally and politically in the development of PHEM (amongst many other achievements). Whilst working with Magpas Air Ambulance since 2007, his passion and commitment to the lifesaving cause never ceases to impress us.

Magpas Medical Director Dr Simon Lewis explained how the charity felt about Peter receiving this honour, "We are delighted for Dr Peter Holden, he is an inspiration, we are eternally grateful for all the hours he has volunteered with Magpas and for his dedication to the progression of trauma care training. Peter has helped to make a crucial difference for patients in life threatening emergencies in the East of England and beyond".

Dr Peter Holden travels all over the UK, he also works at The Imperial Road Surgery in Matlock as well as working for Magpas. Peter summed up how he felt by saying, "As a mere GP, I am chuffed to bits. This was a complete surprise!"

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Specialist recruiters break fundraising record - reaching £50,000 grand total!

Specialist recruiters break fundraising record - reaching £50,000 grand total!

PHOTO CAPTION (left to right):
Breaking a record: Magpas Paramedic Dan Read, Recruitment Consultant Sam Price from THE ONE GROUP, Managing Director Tristan Drane of THE ONE GROUP and Magpas Doctor Sarah McNeilly mark this impressive fundraising achievement at the Magpas Operations Base

Cambridge, Peterborough and Northampton based recruitment specialists, THE ONE GROUP, visited the Magpas Operations Base recently with a great deal to be proud about! This company have broken their all-time annual fundraising target, by raising over £12,000 in a single event! This followed their eighth annual corporate Lifesavers Golf Day where, almost one hundred business representatives gathered at John O' Gaunt Golf Club, in Sandy. This brings THE ONE GROUP's grand fundraising total to over £50,000 - all for Air Ambulance Charity Magpas.

On 3rd July this year, 88 golfers from businesses across the region and beyond took to the fairways. THE ONE GROUP Managing Director Tristan Drane and his team always make sure the costs from the golf days are covered, so that all monies donated go directly to Magpas. Tristan and his colleague Sam Price came to present their cheque to the Magpas team today and said, "We are honoured to have supported Magpas over the last eight years, to watch the organisation grow, gain well deserved recognition - and know that even more people have been treated with crucial care in the Eastern Region".

Many companies involved supported the golf day by sponsoring holes and by also making generous donations to the event's silent auction. Recruitment Consultant Sam Price from THE ONE GROUP spent a huge amount of time organising the golf day and pointed out, "We are immensely grateful to all who paid to take part on the day. Everyone put their hands in their pockets to make the event happen and demonstrated huge generosity".

Head of Communications at Magpas, Antonia Brickell, summed things up by saying "THE ONE GROUP team have been and continue to be outstanding supporters and loyal fundraisers. To raise over £12,000 in one day alone is, I think you'll agree, very impressive work! We feel privileged to be their chosen charity and are extremely grateful for the £50,000 Tristan and his staff have raised for us over the years. The money donated will help Magpas continue to bring lifesaving care by land and by air 24/7, to patients in life threatening situations, in the East of England and beyond".



• The ONE GROUP has six specialist divisions including Accountancy & Finance, Executive, HR, IT, Office and Technical

• THE ONE GROUP work in the commercial and public sectors

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East Anglian Road Run Update

East Anglian Road Run Update

A committee of volunteers have been organising the East Anglian Road Run in aid of Magpas for the past three years from Burwash Manor. However the committee are unfortunately unable to carry on organising the event, due to other commitments. Therefore there will be no East Anglian Road Run in aid of Magpas this year.

However, we are thrilled to tell you that one of our Fundraising Volunteers is planning on having the event up and running again for 2016. Our Fundraising Volunteer is looking for a new group of committee members to help with the organisation, so if you would like to help then we would be delighted to pass your details on. Please contact our Fundraising Team on 01480 371060 (Option 2).

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Thomas Morris support Magpas with their 'Countdown Clock' for Estate Agents

The Final Countdown Begins for ‘On The Market’…….

If you’re not sure exactly how long it is until the eagerly anticipated property portal On The Market is launched, you might want to visit www.thomasmorris.co.uk and check out their ‘Countdown Clock’ – it will let you know to the nearest second!

Just in case you weren’t aware, launch date is set for January 26th 2015 – and the 7 branch estate agency Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings are preparing their customers with a range of marketing materials, including their uniquely designed Countdown Clock which contains a link to On The Market.com so that visitors can register their interest prior to launch.

Thomas Morris Partner Simon Bradbury is keen for fellow agents to share the On The Market message using the Countdown Clock and is happy for it to be displayed on other estate agency websites up and down the country in return for a £20 donation to their favourite charity, the emergency response team -Magpas.

‘I’ve been really inspired with the sheer enthusiasm agents have shown for On the Market and particularly impressed with the innovative marketing ideas that I’ve seen. We came up with the idea of a Countdown Clock and so many fellow agents commented on how good it looked we decided to share it in return for a voluntary donation of just £20 to our official charity – Magpas’

The Countdown Clock is available in two sizes


This wider option can be implemented on to a website where there’s 690pixels space by using this code:

<iframe src="/http://www.thomasmorris.co.uk/timer" width="690" height="275"></iframe>


<iframe src="/http://www.thomasmorris.co.uk/timer/no-seconds.html" width=“510" height="275"></iframe>

Interested agents are invited to visit this Just Giving page to donate £20 (and leave a supporting message for On The Market) should they wish to use the Countdown Clock on their own website…..


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Proud to share a lifesaving partnership

Proud to share a lifesaving partnership

Fire Fighters from Huntingdon Fire Station join Magpas Helimedix at The Helimedix Operations Base in Huntingdon

When 999 is dialled and someone is critically ill or injured and trapped inside a car, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service play an integral role in making sure these patients are removed safely from their vehicles. Whilst working alongside Fire and Rescue Crews and the Ambulance Service, Magpas Helimedix deliver A&E level care to people in life changing situations, by land or by air, at the roadside.

To help champion this highly valued team work, every fire engine owned by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service now features a Proud to Support Magpas Helimedix sticker. Recently, seven members from Huntingdon Fire Station visited the Magpas Helimedix Operations Base with two of their fire trucks, to mark the occasion.

Chief Fire Officer Graham Stagg said: "We're excited to be involved in this partnership and publicly show our support for such a worthwhile charity that provides a vital service in Cambridgeshire". Graham went on to say, "Our fire crews frequently attend incidents where a casualty's life is at stake and it's through our solid working partnership with Magpas Helimedix that we bring our skills together to do the best we can at every emergency".

Magpas Chief Executive Daryl Brown responded by saying, "We are immensely grateful to Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service for their fantastic support. This idea will without doubt help to spread a powerful message about how we work together at the scene of serious medical emergencies".

Daryl continued, "Many of the UK's highly trained medics volunteer their own time to work as a member of the Magpas Helimedix team, to provide frontline medical care - free of charge in the East of England and beyond. Crucially the Magpas Helimedix flights carry specialist trauma Doctors and Paramedics who can start treatment straight away, thus saving more lives and reducing the effect of head and other severe injuries. Our prime goal is not only to save lives, but for our patients to recover more quickly, spend less time in hospital and return to a decent quality of life with their loved ones. The charity receives no Government or National Lottery funding and relies wholly on generous donations from the public. This essential organisation hugely appreciates everyone's support!"

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Almost FORE-TEE thousand pounds raised by Cambridge recruiters!

Almost FORE-TEE thousand pounds raised by Cambridge recruiters!

Managing Director of THE ONE GROUP Tristan Drane shows off his golfing skills to: Magpas Helimedix Crew Member Adam Bright, Accountancy Recruitment Specialist Sam Price from THE ONE GROUP and Magpas Helimedix Chief Pilot Richard Eastwood, at the Magpas Helimedix Operations Base

The team at Histon and Peterborough based recruitment specialist consultancy, THE ONE GROUP, have a great deal to celebrate as we near the end of 2014. Not only has this year marked their 10th anniversary, but they have also helped to raise £37,500 for Magpas Helimedix! This is the seventh year they have hosted their annual corporate Lifesavers Golf Day (amongst other events) to raise funds.

In July this year, over 90 golfers from businesses across the county and beyond, took to the fairways. Many companies involved supported the event by sponsoring holes; but Elms Cambridge BMW, Samsung and Amazon went above and beyond the call of duty by also making generous donations to the event's auction. An impressive £8,500 was raised on the day alone. THE ONE GROUP Managing Director Tristan Drane and his team always make sure the costs from the golf days are covered, with free entry and food, so that all monies donated go directly to Magpas.

Tristan explained why he was so committed to the lifesaving cause, "As well as creating an annual event to say thank you to our clients, we utilize the opportunity to help raise funds and awareness for Magpas Helimedix. Our choice of charity feels 100% right; it provides a crucial, local lifesaving service and Magpas relies wholly on donations to make a critical difference to people's lives in the areas where we all live and work. These specialist doctors and paramedics who in the main volunteer their time to work with Magpas; not only save lives, but they make a huge difference to what could have been".

Head of Communications at Magpas, Antonia Brickell, summed things up by saying "THE ONE GROUP team are an incredible collection of people. All the members of staff are totally dedicated to supporting our Emergency Medical Charity. To raise almost £40,000 for us is a monumental achievement! The funds raised will help Magpas Helimedix continue to bring A&E care by land and by air, to patients with life changing injuries, in the East of England and beyond". She went on to say, "The fantastic news is that Magpas will once again be the official charity for 2015, with a date already confirmed for next year's Lifesavers Golf Day. It will be held on 3rd July at the club where top British player Ian Poulter was an Assistant Pro for many years; John O Gaunt Golf Club".

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Christmas Draw Winners 2014

Christmas Draw Winners 2014

Thank you so much to everyone that purchased one or more of our Christmas raffle tickets. We are thrilled to announce the winning ticket is 540711 and the following all won a cash prize too.

Ticket Numbers




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