Go Further Faster Greater

Could you Go #FurtherFasterGreater to help keep your Magpas Air Ambulance flying?

Thanks to your support, Magpas Air Ambulance has been able to fundraise for a new helicopter which will fly furtherfaster, and help us treat a greater number of patients and revolutionise the care we can provide. However, we now need to raise an additional £50,000 a month to keep it flying every day.

Could you step out of your comfort zone and take on a challenge and go #FurtherFasterGreater to raise funds to keep your Magpas Air Ambulance flying?

There is nothing too vast or too small that you could do to help raise funds. You could do a 5k for the first time, run, cycle or swim against the clock, do something that scares you like you like a Magpas skydive, or something of your choice that you love. Your fundraising will go towards helping Magpas Air Ambulance provide lifesaving care by land and air to people in their greatest moment of need.

To get involved and go #FurtherFasterGreater, please email [email protected]

For inspiration about what sort of challenges you could take on, read about Scott and Gaby going Further

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read about the Little Downham Magnificent Seven skydivers going Greater

Read more about our beginnings and our accomplishments as
pioneers of pre-hospital emergency medicine in the UK.

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