A Gift In Your Will

A gift in your Will could save lives for generations to come

Magpas Air Ambulance started life in 1971 with doctors attending the scenes of road traffic accidents across Cambridgeshire in order to provide much needed life-saving emergency medical care.  As a volunteer lead charity, it was a gift in a Will that enabled Magpas to buy the lifesaving equipment needed to establish this pioneering service and ultimately grow into the organisation it is today; using our two rapid response vehicles and a state of the art helicopter to reach patients in all types of life-threatening emergencies.

In more recent years gifts in Wills have helped the charity to develop into a 24/7 service, treating patients across 12 counties in the East of England and serving a population of over 10 million.

Magpas receives no regular government funding so gifts in Wills are vital to the development and continued operations of the charity. Could you save lives for generations to come by leaving a gift to Magpas in your Will?

Making or changing your Will can seem a daunting task so we are in partnership with the National Free Wills Network to give you all the information you need so that you can help Magpas Air Ambulance continue their vital work for generations to come, at no extra cost to you and with a solicitor local to your area.

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