Lottery Winners – 11th April, 2014 (Week 154)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Lockwood, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Williams, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr George Gray, Cambs
Mrs Kathleen Simpson, Cambs
Mrs J A Brown, Norfolk
Mr G R Sharp, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs K Evans, Essex
Mrs A Butcher, Norfolk
Ms J Morgan, Norfolk
Mrs S A Blackburn, Cambs
Mr Geoff Walton, Cambs
Mr W J Ormiston, Cambs
Mrs R Armiger, Cambs
Mrs Diana Goodwin, Norfolk
Mrs M S Morris, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 4th April, 2014 (Week 153)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs C Hillier, Beds
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr C Shelton, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss Nikki Brown, Hants
Mr J Towler, Suffolk
Mrs D Uszkala, Norfolk
Mrs G Hague, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr T Haycock, Norfolk
Mr W Butt, Norfolk
Mrs O Newman, Suffolk
Mr S Tee, Suffolk
Mr A Laws, Cambs
Mrs Mary Thorpe, Norfolk
Mr M Ginn, Beds
Mr & Mrs Malcolm Dales, Norfolk
Mrs S Rutty, Herts

Lottery Winners – 28th March, 2014 (Week 152)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr D Corbett, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Woodham, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr S Haines, Norfolk
Mrs E Jeffries, Norfolk
Ms V Jewell, Cambs
Mr Robert Sculfor, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs Kristina Bull, Norfolk
Mrs P Harris, Cambs
Mr P Nottingham, Cambs
Mrs S Bassford, Cambs
Mrs B Balkham, Beds
Mr D Pigney, Cambs
Mrs S Taylor, Cambs
Mrs D Boarer, Cambs
Mrs R Scott, Lincs
Mr Shaun Newman, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 21st March, 2014 (Week 151)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs J De-Feyter, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr P Kozakiewicz, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Linda Chapman, Cambs
Mr R Norman, Suffolk
Mr G Shipley, Cambs
Mrs Julia Arnold, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs L J Copeman, Cambs
Mrs Janice Insole, Essex
Mr Stuart Curtis, Cambs
Mrs J Lowe, Cambs
Miss A Bhoghall, Cambs
Mrs J Keers, Cambs
Mrs C Gray, Cambs
Mrs W M Bonnett, Norfolk
Mrs K Hall, Suffolk
Miss S V Brown, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 14th March, 2014 (Week 150)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs A Ibbetson, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Alan Davies, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
C Pask
Miss C Tuck, Cambs
Mrs L Dobson, Cambs
Mrs Hazel Cole, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr P Coleman, Cambs
Mrs H G Jackson, Cambs
E  Douglas-Beer, Norfolk
Mr R Lock, Lincs
Mr A Daly, Suffolk
Mrs K Gregson, Cambs
Mr R Barltrop, Cambs
Mr M E Cash, Suffolk
Mr C Lynch, Norfolk
Miss Sylvia, Burkitt, Herts

Lottery Winners – 7th March, 2014 (Week 149)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs W Hall, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss L Fulcher, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M Taylor, Norfolk
Mr P Brown, Cambs
Mrs J White, Cambs
Mrs A Orr, Beds
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr T Young, Cambs
Mrs Sarah Loukes, Norfolk
Mr H Cox, Lincs
Mrs M Lomas, Norfolk
Mr Barry Cable, Suffolk
Mr M Skene, Cambs
Mrs P Brialey, Cambs
Miss C Gentry, Cambs
Mrs W Whiting, Herts
Mr S Gilson, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 28th February, 2014 (Week 148)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Gupta, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs P E Dade, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
D Gerrelli, Cambs
Mrs M Penton, Suffolk
Mr Alan Legg, Cambs
Mrs M A Turvey, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr P Watts, Cambs
Mrs S Morgan, Cambs
Mrs M Rudge, Norfolk
Mr P Sambrook, Norfolk
Mrs K Lewis, Cambs
Mr G P Brownley, Norfolk
Mrs L Daw, Essex
Mrs L Baker, Cambs
Mrs A R Chandler, Norfolk
Mr A Brown, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 21st February, 2014 (Week 147)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Valerie Macandrew, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs J Harding, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Karen Zampina, Essex
Mr M Nicholls, Norfolk
Mr C Isaacson, Cambs
Mrs M Soar, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs S R White, Lincs
Mrs J McGregor, Cambs
Mrs G M Thurlby, Cambs
Mrs S Bethell, Suffolk
Mrs A M Robinson, Cambs
Mrs V Weavers, Norfolk
Mrs L M Van Dyke, Norfolk
Mrs Rosemary Brazill, Cambs
Mrs F Wright, Suffolk
Mr A Buckley, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 14th February, 2014 (Week 146)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs C L Turnbull, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss M Field, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Nicholas Marsh, Norfolk
Mrs M Moon, Cambs
Mrs M Peagram, Essex
Mrs M Forster, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs Rachel Monk, Norfolk
Mr P Shade, Norfolk
Mrs P Priest, Essex
Mrs J George, Cambs
Mrs B J Chapman, Suffolk
Mrs J Carroll, Cambs
Mrs A Cooke, Suffolk
Mr J Smith, Cambs
Mrs F Lamberty, Cambs
Mrs Ann Churcher, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 7th February, 2014 (Week 145)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs J Carter, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S McDowell, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs LL Tetlow, Cambs
Mrs B Day, Norfolk
Mrs B J Kinghorn, Cambs
Mrs M Perez, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs M E Oliver, Norfolk
Mr D Lim-Walker, Norfolk
Mrs G Lozeau, Norfolk
Mrs J Ives, Norfolk
Mrs Susan Flack, Norfolk
Mrs J Harris, Cambs
Mrs J Wadsworth, Cambs
Ms Maureen Hallsworth, Cambs
Mrs I King, Norfolk
Mrs J French, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 31st January, 2014 (Week 144)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs C Hurley, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs P Glenister, Essex
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs P M Smith, Norfolk
Ms J Stitz, Lincs
Mr D Bush, Norfolk
Mr R Watson, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs M Channing, London
Mrs J Tokley, Cambs
Mr E G Thorogate, Norfolk
Mr J Brown, Norfolk
Mrs J A Sasiadek, London
Mr H Davis, Cambs
Mrs Susan Crossley, Cambs
Miss E Harper, Norfolk
Mr A D Hayden, Norfolk
Mrs Cathryn Caile, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 24th January, 2014 (Week 143)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr A Hayward, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs L Thomas, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M Smith, Cambs
Dr Gill Coathup, Norfolk
Miss M Evans, Suffolk
Mr D & Mrs V Harrison, Lincs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr G Elcomb, Lincs
Mrs J Cope-Faulkner, Cambs
Mr G Shipley, Cambs
Mr John Bunch, Norfolk
Mr P Crisp, Norfolk
Mrs S Jenkinson, Cambs
Mrs R Bennett, Cambs
Mrs J Renton, Herts
Mrs B Wright, Cambs
Mrs L Wilde, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 17th January, 2014 (Week 142)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Miss R Biggs, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs J Parish, Lincs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr R Lee, Cambs
Mrs C Robinson, Cambs
Mrs A Stone, Cambs
Mrs Carina Moore, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs Edna Richardson, Norfolk
Mr F Pitt, Norfolk
Miss S Trousdale, Norfolk
Mrs S Bennett, Norfolk
Mrs A Sharles, Norfolk
Mrs M MacGregor, Cambs
Mrs B Stiles, Cambs
Mrs R Haines-Stuart, Norfolk
Mr D J McNamee, Essex
Miss L Fleming, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 10th January, 2014 (Week 141)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Elliott, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Allen Butler, Lincs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs S Reader, Suffolk
Mrs J L Eatock, Cambs
Mrs D E Molloy, Suffolk
Mr P Howell, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr R Cobley, Cambs
Mrs J Russell, Norfolk
Mrs L Knowles, Essex
Mrs G Day, Beds
Mrs G Ignatowicz, Essex
Mrs Sally Smith, Cambs
Mrs S Searle, Cambs
Mr M Goulding, Cambs
Mrs E Page, Norfolk
Mrs L Harradine, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 3rd January, 2014 (Week 140)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs P Bristow, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Debbie Woodbine, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr J L Denny, Cambs
Ms Jane Ward, Norfolk
Mrs J Barringer, Cambs
Mrs R Price, Lincs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs P Purple, Norfolk
Miss Maggie Jones, Cambs
Mrs Margaret Smith, Cambs
Ms G Taylor, Cambs
Ms Denise Impey, Cambs
Mr R W Broughton, Norfolk
Mrs R Whitbourn, Norfolk
Mrs S Freeman, Cambs
Mrs P Wayman, Herts
Ms Toni Wilde, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 27th December, 2013 (Week 139)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr Peter Derbyshire, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss D Earl, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs L Williams, Essex
Mr R Doe, Norfolk
Mrs Anne Lamb, Norfolk
Mrs A Goldie, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs A Weston, Suffolk
Mr Nigel Norris, Norfolk
Mrs N Ashwell, Suffolk
Mrs C Cole, Cambs
Mrs J E Allen, Norfolk
Ms J Macfarlane, Lincs
Mrs H Abram, Cambs
Mrs Patricia Best, London
Mrs M Flagg, Lincs
Mr E Ceraudo, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 20th December, 2013 (Week 138)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr R Bacon, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs B R Lambert, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr L Cardani, Norfolk
Mrs J Bowers, Norfolk
Mrs V Robinson, Norfolk
Mr G Allen, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr & Mrs K S Paterson, Norfolk
Mrs H Whybrow, Norfolk
Mr John Small, Norfolk
Mrs J J Pilter, Norfolk
Mr David Gaunt, Cambs
Mrs J D Piper, Cambs
Mr David Cameron, Cambs
Mrs Janet Bowman, Cambs
Mrs J Cousins, Cambs
Mrs A Farrow, Norfolk

Christmas Raffle Draw Winners

1st Prize:  Ticket No: 193515  Mrs I Chivers, Norfolk

2nd Prize:  Ticket No: 281013  Dawn Rutherford, Suffolk

3rd Prize x 10:
Ticket No: 284907  Mrs C Leech, Suffolk
Ticket No: 240793  H Brown, Cambs
Ticket No: 64822    Wendy Landy, Cambs
Ticket No: 337073  Mr I Taylor, Essex
Ticket No: 102244  Mr K Saunders, Cambs
Ticket No: 296698  Mrs P Sinfield, London
Ticket No: 198833  Liz Gray (donated winnings back to Magpas)
Ticket No: 334271  Mrs N Carter, Suffolk
Ticket No: 356549  Mrs M J Brown, London
Ticket No: 229832  Ivan Webb, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 13th December, 2013 (Week 137)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs H Leverett, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Ms Karen Plumb, Herts
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr A Barber, Suffolk
Mrs E Carter, Lincs
Ms Roslyn Elliott, Cambs
Mrs Dorothy Wingfield, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs J Overton, Norfolk
Mr R Brown, Cambs
l Wilkinson, Suffolk
Mr J McIrvine, Suffolk
Mrs M I Grant, Essex
Mrs E J Banning, Norfolk
Mrs B Woods, Lincs
Mr R W Blumsom, Cambs
Mr & Mrs T Kelby, Lincs
Mrs S Bennett, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 6th December, 2013 (Week 136)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs B O’Regan, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs C Phillips, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs S Roberts, Cambs
Mr M Day, Beds
Mrs J M Male, Essex
Mrs J Hubbard, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr R Shons, Beds
Mr Mark Bowman, Norfolk
Mrs M Redmond, Beds
Mrs Patricia Vangemeren, Lincs
Mr J Sanders, London
Mrs P Clark, Cambs
Mr N Bush, Norfolk
Mrs P M Blackburn, Norfolk
Mrs J Farmer, Lincs
Mrs Sheron Harley, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 29th November, 2013 (Week 135)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Thurlow, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs D R Jermy, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr S Croskerry, Norfolk
Mrs Z Bradley, Cambs
Mrs L Parker, Suffolk
Mrs D Haines, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr B Leeming, Cambs
Mrs A Chapple, Cambs
Mrs M J Sammonds, Norfolk
Mr M Hudson, Cambs
Mrs R Scoot, Herts
Mrs A Tookman, Herts
Mrs J E Corke, Suffolk
Mr S Lamble, Norfolk
Mr L Scrase, Cambs
Mr M Knight, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 22nd November, 2013 (Week 134)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Elliott, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs A Cunningham, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Edward Clark, Norfolk
Mrs A Pitman, Cambs
Mrs D King, Suffolk
Mrs S Bunnage-Smith, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Miss S Nichols, Suffolk
Mrs J Phillips, Cambs
Ms A Brain, Cambs
Mr M Cash & Miss M A Thorpe, Essex
Mrs V J Harvey, Essex
Mrs L Walker, Norfolk
Mrs Betty Cameron, Suffolk
Mrs V Thomas-Shaw, Cambs
Mr J Kench, Essex
Mr Derek Button, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 15th November, 2013 (Week 133)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Lesley Edgar, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr K Thomas, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Ms D Allen, Cambs
Mrs A Wood, Essex
Mr C J Rudd, Cambs
Mrs M Leggett, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs S Beattie, Norfolk
Mrs C A Northall, Cambs
Mr S Beare, Cambs
Mrs H Wright, Beds
Mr N Hilldrup, Norfolk
Mrs C Sleight, Cambs
Mr R Sore, Suffolk
Ms N Wheller, Suffolk
Mr W E Ellery, Cambs
Mrs M Lear, Essex

Lottery Winners – 8th November, 2013 (Week 132)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs K Sweeney, Herts
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S L Aylott, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Clive Steward, Norfolk
Ms T Skipper, Norfolk
Mr L Clarke, Cambs
Mrs Juliana Brown, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs D Lock, Cambs
Mr R W Knowles, Cambs
Miss Pamela Howard, Norfolk
Mr F Fuller, Beds
Mrs Dawn Moxham, Suffolk
Mr R Graham, Cambs
Ms A Freeman, Norfolk
Mrs V Cobb, Suffolk
Mr B Hemmings, Lincs
Ms C Adams, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 1st November, 2013 (Week 131)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs M Marriott, Lincs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr & Mrs Gordon Hart, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Betty Garrard, Cambs
Miss T Sayers, Norfolk
Mrs K Whittington, Cambs
Mrs Lynda Woodfield, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs E C Nicholls, Herts
Mr T Chenery, Suffolk
Mrs J L Rossall, Cambs
Mr R D Howlett, Cambs
Mrs K J Haines, Cambs
Dr D Tisi, Herts
Mrs Betty Buncow, Cambs
Mr P Cooper, Cambs
Mrs S Murray, Suffolk
Mrs E Bowman, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 25th October, 2013 (Week 130)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Miss H Farrell, Lancs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Andrew Slater, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs A Kerry, Norfolk
Mrs A Pinnington, Suffolk
Mrs P Smith, Cambs
Miss L Downes, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr Paul Eeles, Cambs
Mrs S Snelling, Norfolk
Mr J Germany, Cambs
Mrs S E Bell, Cambs
Mrs Christa Harding, Cambs
Mrs J Johnson, Cambs
Mr L K Steels, Cambs
Mrs A Baker, Cambs
Miss M Le Grys, Norfolk
Mr R Heritage, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 18th October, 2013 (Week 129)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Kellie Fox, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Stephen Armitage, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss C Carter, Norfolk
Mrs J A Scott, Suffolk
Miss P Purvis, Norfolk
Mrs J Sweetman, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs L M Gee, Leics
Mrs R Fidler, Herts
Mrs I Skuse, Herts
Mrs M Turner, Cambs
Mr T Fountain, Norfolk
Mr Neville Painter, Norfolk
Mrs M Walton, Cambs
Mrs R Armiger, Cambs
Mr R Chesmond, Cambs
Mr C R Diss, Essex

Lottery Winners – 11th October, 2013 (Week 128)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs P Thorneycroft, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Kevin Lawson, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs S Bibby, Cambs
Mrs Sharon Sweeney, Norfolk
Mr L J Castillo Burns, Cambs
Mrs S Smith, Beds
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs A Brown, Suffolk
Mrs Brenda Siddall, Norfolk
Mrs G Goodchild, Cambs
Mr S Bridle, Norfolk
Mrs V Mann, Cambs
Mrs A Theobald, Essex
Mr R Edmonds, Norfolk
Mr S Waters, Suffolk
Mr Paul Godfrey, Cambs
Mr J Bowman, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 4th October, 2013 (Week 127)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Florence Perowne, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr P T Johnson, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr C Collinson, Cambs
Mr K Lovesay, Cambs
Mrs S Ashworth, Suffolk
Mrs Ann Rasberry, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs B French, Norfolk
Mrs L A Rix, Suffolk
Mr Andrew Furnell, Cambs
Mr S Wood, Lincs
Mrs Vera Lavendar, Cambs
Mrs P A King, Essex
Mrs S Ansell, Suffolk
Mr P Stower, Cambs
Mrs Kathleen Scott, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 27th September, 2013 (Week 126)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs M Knox, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs C McGoughlin, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr M Henderson, Cambs
Mrs D A Clarke, Cambs
Miss N Lynch, Norfolk
Mr D Hawker, Essex
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr Peter Webster, Cambs
Mr C Bond, Suffolk
Mr G Riseborough, Norfolk
Mrs S Ransom, Cambs
Mr & Mrs N Forey, Norfolk
Mr R R Sykes, Lincs
Mr P Prowse, Cambs
Mr G Grant, Herts
Mrs J Lloyd, Cambs
Mrs Margaret Hassan, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 20th September, 2013 (Week 125)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr N Cunningham, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs A Dennis, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr A Cook, Cambs
Mr R Welham, Cambs
Mr C Songer, Suffolk
Mr T Lawson, Essex
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr A L & Mrs M Lake, Lincs
Mr R Newbury, Cambs
Mrs Kathryn Kilding, Norfolk
Mr & Mrs P Linden, Norfolk
Mrs J Reader, Cambs
Mr R Goff, Cambs
Mrs M Osler, Norfolk
Mr Peter Gurry, Cambs
Mrs A Griggs, Suffolk
Mrs Rosemary Newport, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 13th September, 2013 (Week 124)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs L Craven, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr S Bagot, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Mathew Clay, Norfolk
Mrs Mary Wickham, Norfolk
Mrs Debbie Stoworthy, Norfolk
Miss A Moisejeva, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs F Wright, Suffolk
Mr T Collier, Norfolk
Mrs M Macrae, Norfolk
Mrs J Dickens, Lincs
Mr R Duncan, Suffolk
Mr & Mrs A De’ath, Cambs
Mrs Bridget Archibald, Norfolk
Ms Kathryn Fletcher, Cambs
Mrs M Broadrib, Norfolk
Mrs M Smith, Essex

Lottery Winners – 6th September, 2013 (Week 123)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Sarah Hutchison, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs A Bosworth, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss C Donkin, Cambs
Mrs Doreen McMeekin, Cambs
Mrs Sandi Gravham, Cambs
Mrs Diane Wheatley, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr L & Mrs V Town, Lincs
Mrs Enid Williamson, Cambs
Mr M Coric, Cambs
Mrs Mavis Kent, Cambs
Mrs D Hickey, Essex
Mr N Rowley, Cambs
Mrs S Rogers, Norfolk
Mr J Bond, Norfolk
Mr B Hart, Suffolk
Mrs B J Bristen, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 30th August, 2013 (Week 122)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs P Bull, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs P Jenkins, Essex
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Tina Clifford, Suffolk
Mr I Lochore, Lincs
Mrs K M Heylen, Cambs
Mrs C Shipp, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs J Reynolds, Cambs
Mr I Sanderson, Cambs
Miss S E Lewis, Essex
Mrs June Jenkins, Norfolk
Mrs J D Evans, Norfolk
Mr & Mrs L Broome, Lincs
Mr & Mrs P & B Rushen, Norfolk
Mr D Hancy, Essex
Mrs Sarah Lansdale, Norfolk
Mrs Jackie Hucklesby, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 23rd August, 2013 (Week 121)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs M Norriss, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr D Coates, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs G Hogan, Norfolk
Mr C Nelson, Suffolk
Mrs M Hoyes, Cambs
Mrs R Thorpe, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr David Doe, Cambs
Mrs Antoinette Mitchell, Cambs
Mr D Spenceley, Lincs
Mrs S Betts, Norfolk
Miss S A Tompkins, Norfolk
Mrs Amanda Jones, Herts
Mr B L & Mrs J E New, Cambs
Mr G Brooks, Cambs
Mrs Jean Thorne, Cambs
Mrs D Robinson, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 16th August, 2013 (Week 120)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Elizabeth Law, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr R Elbourn, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr J Stonell, Norfolk
Mrs S Buchanan, Cambs
Miss P Plummer, Cambs
Mrs T Rand, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mrs S Wagner, Cambs
Mrs S Wright, Cambs
Mrs S D Day, Norfolk
Mrs J Ziara, Norfolk
Mr H J D Prince, Norfolk
Mr D Parnell, Norfolk
Mrs V A Hickford, Cambs
Mr George Coughtrey, Herts
Mrs M J Searight, Suffolk
Mr Alan Matthews, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 9th August, 2013 (Week 119)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs K A Miller, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr C Walker, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M Upcraft, Suffolk
Mrs G Smith, Norfolk
Mrs M Jolley, Norfolk
Mrs Joan Williams, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00

Mr Jeffrey Rix, Herts
Mrs Margaret Tobin, Suffolk
Mrs P Shine, Suffolk
Mrs S Flint, Cambs
Mr P G Heavens, Suffolk
Mrs B Keen, Norfolk
Mrs K Hadfield-Moorhouse, Cambs
Mrs E Lawton, Cambs
Mr D Lee, Lincs
Mr D Wesley-Smith, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 2nd August, 2013 (Week 118)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr J McBride, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Robinson, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr R W Sexton, Lincs
Mrs L B Hallam, Herts
Mrs S Copping, Suffolk
Mrs B C Lewin, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Michael Brancham, Norfolk
Miss Fay Ives, Suffolk
Mrs E Newman, Cambs
Mrs A Davies, Cambs
Mr M & Mrs P Maughan, Lincs
Miss Sonia Reece, Suffolk
Mrs C Dexter, Lincs
Miss M Ribbands, Norfolk
Mr Peter Wren, Cambs
Mr Peter Harris, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 26th July, 2013 (Week 117)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs A Ali, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Tracy Tonks, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss J Parker, Norfolk
Mrs K Howard, Cambs
Mr Harry Leveridge, Norfolk
Mr B Hemmings, Lincs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Miss A J Coles, Suffolk
Mrs S James, Suffolk
Mr M Smith, Suffolk
Mrs D J Inch, Norfolk
Mr A Holt, Cambs
Mrs D Abblitt, Cambs
Miss Emily Robertson, Norfolk
Mrs Margaret Overy, Norfolk
Mrs P Davison, Norfolk
Mrs Sharon Cooke, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 19th July, 2013 (Week 116)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs F Holman, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Everett, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Bill Graham, Suffolk
Mrs J Harrison, Norfolk
Mrs Cul Rhodes, Suffolk
Miss Alison Barton, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Miss C Fletcher, Cambs
Mr & Mrs S J Rogers, Cambs
Mrs C Claypole, Suffolk
Mrs D Etheridge, Norfolk
Mrs K L Ottoway, Norfolk
Mrs D Gurd, Lincs
Mr J Rayfield, Suffolk
Mrs K Smith, Norfolk
Mrs Angela Jackson, Beds
Mr G Gillett, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 12th July, 2013 (Week 115)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Dobb, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Petrina Bond, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr G Page, Cambs
Mr Mark Prettyman, Suffolk
Mrs E Trott, Exeter
Mrs P Wenham, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Lorraine Forbes, Norfolk
Mr & Mrs Pyneeandee, Cambs
Mrs Margaret E Pearson, Suffolk
Mr & Mrs J Smith, Norfolk
Mrs J Everitt, Suffolk
Mr M Fenn, Norfolk
Miss M Hughes, Norfolk
Mrs J Ducker, Lincs
Mrs C Witherall, Cambs
Mr Andrew Wright, Cambs

Summer Raffle Draw Winners

1st Prize:  Ticket No: 063880  Mrs M Timms, Cambs

2nd Prize:  Ticket No: 212688  Mr J Gibson, Essex

3rd Prize x 10:
Ticket No: 253825  Mrs M Nelson, Cambs
Ticket No: 069394  Mr D Mackay,  Cambs
Ticket No: 313878  Mark & Anne-Shirley Whiteman, Surrey
Ticket No: 223066  Kay Brown, Cambs
Ticket No: 049679  Mrs M Lomas, St. Neots
Ticket No: 272329  Mrs S Smee, Norfolk
Ticket No: 314536  Mrs A Lake, Herts
Ticket No: 209506  Leo Castillo, Cambs
Ticket No: 046220  Miss S Clark, Cambs
Ticket No: 242623  R Douglas, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 5th July, 2013 (Week 114)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr David Shaw, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Macon H Fox, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs J Searle, Cambs
Mrs B Webb, Essex
Mr B A Heslop, Suffolk
Mrs J Broughton, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Barry Baldock, Cambs
Mrs D Lynch, Cambs
Mrs A Hadji Gregoriou, Norfolk
Mrs J A Brady, Essex
Mr D Gibson, Suffolk
Ms E L Rowe, Norfolk
Mr Peter Brisbane, Norfolk
Mrs Susan Arrington, Cambs
Mrs A Biddulph, Suffolk
Miss E Garner, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 28th June, 2013 (Week 113)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Ms T Coleman, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs M Down, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Christine Pickwell, Suffolk
Mr D Skelton, Norfolk
Mrs Margaret Daniels, Norfolk
Mrs J Overton, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs H Pitt, Norfolk
Mrs Peggy Gennings, Cambs
Mr D Enson, Cambs
Mrs J E Sutcliffe, Cambs
Mr P Machen, Beds
Mrs J Larken, Suffolk
Mrs B Titchmarsh, Norfolk
Mrs N Collinwood, Cambs
Mr L Walton, Cambs
Mrs Susan Norvall, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 21st June, 2013 (Week 112)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr R J Chaplin, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr J Garwell, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M Harris, Suffolk
Mr N Morrell, Suffolk
Mrs R M Baldry, Suffolk
Mrs J Davey, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Jane Forrester, Cambs
Mrs J D Allerton, Suffolk
Mrs J Kroner, Cambs
Mr C J Payne, Essex
Mrs M Snowling, Norfolk
Mrs Norma Hopton, Cambs
Anthony Carr, Herts
Mrs J Seymour, Lincs
Mr I Missen, Cambs
Mrs S M Flashman, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 14th June, 2013 (Week 111)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Maureen Wick, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs L Vaughan, Beds
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Beverley Woolner, Norfolk
Mr R Moore, Cambs
Mr P Campbell, Cambs
Mr Derek Baldry, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Miss H Thwaites, Suffolk
Mrs S Gregory, Cambs
Mrs Sharon Midgley, Norfolk
Mr B Field, Cambs
Mrs P Farquhar, Essex
Mrs R Langley, Norfolk
Mrs G Guise, Lincs
Mr A J Coote, Suffolk
Mrs Sally Brookes, Essex
Mr D Martin, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 7th June, 2013 (Week 110)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs M Archer, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr K Blythe, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00

Mrs Jeanette Fleming, Norfolk
Mrs Kate Edwards, Norfolk
Mrs H P Leavy, Essex
B A Barry, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs T Clark, Cambs
Mr David Shanks, Suffolk
Mrs Janet Innes-Clarke, Cambs
Mr E Crutchington, Cambs
Mrs B Lambert, Cambs
Mrs S Hayden, Cambs
Mr J Britton, Cambs
Mr Paul Stone, Cambs
Mrs Eilen Simon, Peterborough
Mrs M Rolph, Essex

Lottery Winners – 31st May, 2013 (Week 109)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr 7 Mrs M J Blowfield, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs G Bytes, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Jean Irwin, Norfolk
Mr T Miles, Norfolk
Mrs S Ashwell, Cambs
Mrs Joan Munns, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Raymond Perry, Norfolk
Mrs Lorraine Moore, Cambs
Ms Michele Bundy, Norfolk
Mr D Briars, Cambs
Mrs S C Burroughs, Norfolk
Miss J Harfield, Norfolk
Mrs E M Wilkinson, Essex
Mrs J Colley, Norfolk
Mr P Thomas, Cambs
Miss Sheila A Scott, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 24th May, 2013 (Week 108)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Bull, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr P Watts, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs A Fearn, Norfolk
Mrs R Boyce, Cambs
P Guest, Essex
Mrs A Harman, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs M Randall, Suffolk
Mr & Mrs Toulson, Cambs
Mrs P Godden, Essex
Mr S Lindsay, Cambs
Mr S Pettingill, Norfolk
Mrs Penny Tyler, Herts
Mrs J Palmer, Norfolk
Mrs D Palmer, Suffolk
Ms G Smith, Cambs
Mrs E Coan, Beds

Lottery Winners – 17th May, 2013 (Week 107)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs A Barrell, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Judy Rains, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr R B Whitbread, Essex
Mrs Anita Folkes, Cambs
Mr Michael Buller, Norfolk
Mr David Gedny, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Sheila Fish, Norfolk
Mrs Fiona Fernandez, Cambs
Mrs Rachel Allen, Norfolk
Mr J Kemp, Essex
Mrs M A McCulloch, Norfolk
Mrs C Howard, Norfolk
Mrs Linda Walpole, Suffolk
Mrs Elizabeth Clayton, Norfolk
Mr K Hardy, Suffolk
Miss Katy Tomlin, Herts

Lottery Winners – 10th May, 2013 (Week 106)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
William P Capes, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Melanie Hardcastle, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr A J Bennett, Norfolk
Mrs E Scott, Norfolk
Mr James Haycock, Cambs
Mrs D White, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs G Hogg, Cambs
Mrs M Wilkes, Norfolk
Mrs K B Forbes, Cambs
Mrs M S Roberts, Cambs
Mr James Marr, Cambs
Mr P & Mrs J Buckle, Essex
Mr J Ashworth, Cambs
Mr Nicolas Law, Suffolk
Mrs Heather Young, Lincs
Mrs D Kitchener, Beds

Lottery Winners – 3th May, 2013 (Week 105)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs C J Collett, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs M Alden, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs J Broom, Norfolk
Miss Judith Jenness, Essex
Mrs S Stimpson, Lincs
Mr T Livings, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr John Hancox, Cambs
Mrs M Cavan, Cambs
Mrs A Bodsworth, Norfolk
Mrs D Young, Norfolk
Mrs L Baumbach, Cambs
Mrs Sara Roberson, Norfolk
Mrs J Wilkins, Norfolk
Mr Todd Brown, Cambs
Miss B Warbey, Norfolk
Mrs M Dwyer, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 26th April, 2013 (Week 104)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Jane Cowie
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs D Chick-Holland, Lincs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs H Crowe, Beds
Mr J Shepherd, Suffolk
Mrs A Ickeringill, Cambs
Mrs M Dann, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs R Pye, Norfolk
Mrs J Collins, Essex
Mr Paul Watson, Cambs
Mrs J Gates, Beds
Mrs M Perkins, Suffolk
C Farrah, Cambs
Mr B Samuel, Cambs
Miss J Flynn, Cambs
Mrs Pamela Plumb, Cambs
Mrs J Channing, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 19th April, 2013 (Week 103)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Jan Holmes, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Osker, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss K Corbett, Norfolk
Mrs M S Payne, Norfolk
Mr E Witchell, Norfolk
Mrs C Moore, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs P M Robertson, Essex
Mr Andrew Chapman, Cambs
Mr D Lacey, Cambs
Mrs N Hall, Suffolk
Mr G Capstaff, Suffolk
Mrs Anne Kellegher, Cambs
Mrs R Staniford, Norfolk
Mrs D A Macdonald, Cambs
Mrs H Pool, Norfolk
Mrs G Rose, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 12th April, 2013 (Week 102)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs H Hill, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs M Taylor, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr K McCulley, Cambs
Ms Suzannah Lord, Norfolk
Mrs R A Harrold, Norfolk
Mrs S M Pointer, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr R Knibb, Beds
Mrs E Jarvis, Cambs
Mrs S Webber, Suffolk
Mrs A Hall, Cambs
Mrs V Layn, Norfolk
Mrs B Clay, Cambs
Mrs P R Prigmore, Essex
Mr L Billman, Norfolk
Mrs Carol Merin, Suffolk
T A Lane, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 5th April, 2013 (Week 101)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs  S Hedges, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr G Thomas, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Ruth Millard, Cambs
T Parsonson, Suffolk
Mrs D Wilkinson, Suffolk
Mr G J Abbey, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs J Mellish, Norfolk
Mrs Carole Connor, Cambs
Miss K Rogers, Suffolk
Mrs Lynn Brown, Essex
Mrs M Smith, Norfolk
Mr K Welbourn, Cambs
Mrs Theresa Dashwood, Norfolk
Mrs S L Reeve, Essex
Mrs A Elvin, Beds
Mr D Mattless, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 29th March, 2013 (Week 100)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Lyn George, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr A Hobbs, Herts
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M C Barnard, Essex
Mrs S Smith, Cambs
Ms J Price, Herts
Mrs Margaret Coltart, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs J Conway, Essex
Mrs Janet Jones, Norfolk
Mrs Joanne Carver, Norfolk
Mr A M Greedy, Norfolk
Mr J Christmas, Norfolk
Mrs A R Dale, Essex
Mr D Kenwright, Cambs
Mr & Mrs J Sturman, Norfolk
Mrs Daphne Culpan, Suffolk
Mrs P Hobbs, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 22nd March, 2013 (Week 99)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs B Whiting, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Nancy Robinson, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Tanya Phillips, Cambs
Mrs M Tracy, Suffolk
Mrs Jennifer Adby, Norfolk
Mrs J Dickens, Lincs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Andrew Lee, Norfolk
Mr Eric Moore, Beds
Mr Robert Dye, Norfolk
Mr J Sentance, Lincs
Mr C Freeman, Beds
Mr Kenneth C Hollingsworth, Norfolk
Mrs Hazel King, Norfolk
Mrs Carol Croft, Cambs
Mr B Hammond, Cambs
Mrs J C Wright, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 15th March, 2013 (Week 98)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs W Durling, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Marie Dawe, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr S E Mann, Norfolk
Mrs S Clarke, Suffolk
Mrs G Fox, Cambs
Mrs M Cripps, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Kim Quick, Norfolk
Mrs Patricia Leggett, Cambs
Mrs D Field, Cambs
Mr G Steggles, Norfolk
Mrs Wendy Nott, Herts
Mr C Ainge, Norfolk
Mrs A Bowden, Lincs
Mrs Kathleen West, Cambs
Mr G Richards, Cambs
Mrs E Fletcher, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 8th March, 2013 (Week 97)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs P Steele, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs I Brown, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Jennifer Smith, Norfolk
Mr Keith Buckland, Cambs
Mr R T Comben, Herts
Mrs Janice Tyrrell, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr & Mrs G W Timms, Lincs
Mrs C Powell, Norfolk
Mrs T Webb, Norfolk
Mrs Cassandra Rogers, Cambs
Mrs K Slack, Cambs
Mrs J Middleweek, Suffolk
Mrs T Elwood, Cambs
Mrs Kay Sutton, Suffolk
Mrs B Dickenson, Cambs
Mrs S Liddiard, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 1st March, 2013 (Week 96)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Vera Deegan, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr G J Nimmo, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs M Ferguson, Cambs
Mrs A Shreeve, Norfolk
Mrs A Makey, Cambs
Mr Mark Wells, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Bruce Wood, Cambs
Mr E G Catton, Suffolk
Mr K Hardbattle, Norfolk
Mrs K Newton, Cambs
Mrs S Steinke, Suffolk
Mrs J Perrett, Cambs
Mrs Gail Payne, Norfolk
Mrs Sheila Keting, Essex
Mrs D Jeary, Norfolk
Mr Paul Siggins, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 22nd February, 2013 (Week 95)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Iris Frame, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs K Russell, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr A Lewis, Cambs
Mrs Jayne Henshaw, Cambs
Mr & Mrs M Steed, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Andrew Berrisford, Cambs
Mrs Rosemary Allen, Cambs
Mrs L Wright, Cambs
Mrs Carrie Maxwell, Essex
Miss T Chalkley, Norfolk
Mr & Mrs A Crane, Cambs
Sarah Gentle, Cambs
Mrs J Mickleburgh, Suffolk
Mrs B Lain,  Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 15th February, 2013 (Week 94)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Victoria Beckley, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs G A Marvin, Lincs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs E Smith, Beds
Miss G Sloper, Norfolk
Mrs A Boyden, Norfolk
Mrs S J Murfitt, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs M Clark, Norfolk
Miss S A Tompkins, Norfolk
Mr A Thompson, Cambs
Mrs A Bullen, Herts
Mrs J Harris, Cambs
Mr C D Gafner, Norfolk
Mrs M Poole, Beds
Miss Rebecca Moore, Norfolk
Mr Alan Watson, Norfolk
S Culling, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 8th February, 2013 (Week 93)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs S Couch, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Taylor, London
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs G Hardman, Cambs
Mrs Caroline Sever, Lincs
Mrs C Nuttall, Cambs
Mr A Stapleton, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Ms Susan Cracknell, Cambs
Mr Paul Day, Norfolk
Mr V P Hockley, Norfolk
Mrs M S Smith, Norfolk
Mr Christopher Smith, Cambs
Mrs Minna Finch-Knightley, Cambs
Ms S Moore, Essex
Mrs Betty Davis, Norfolk
Mr R Ward, Suffolk
Mr B Chadwick, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 1st February, 2013 (Week 92)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs P Davies, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Dr C Barbour, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Ms V V Dyett, London
Mr G J Revell, Norfolk
Mr A White, Cambs
Mrs R Asplin, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Linda Lambert, Cambs
Mr R Huggins, Essex
Mr J R Ashwell, Norfolk
Mrs H Zahar, Cambs
Mrs E Reed, Norfolk
Mrs C Smith, Herts
Mrs L Bates, Suffolk
Mr Geoff Walton, Cambs
G O & P J V Killgallon, Cambs
Mrs S Partridge, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 25th January, 2013 (Week 91)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs t Maughan, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs  A Cedar, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Hilary Reynolds, Norfolk
Mrs Valerie Manley, Essex
Mrs Y Smith, Cambs
Mrs B Rahilly, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Shirley Lee, Essex
Mr R P Slote, Cambs
Mrs Sandra Burrows-Harris, Suffolk
Mrs G Green, Herts
Mrs L Leggett, Suffolk
Mrs K Morris, Cambs
C Jenkins, Beds
Kim Crosswaite, Beds
Mr Andrew Moore, Norfolk
Mrs Diane Thompson, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 18th January, 2013 (Week 90)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
S Hill, Beds
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Julie Dekker, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs G S Clarke, Cambs
Mrs J Applegate, Norfolk
Mrs M Newman, Herts
Mr Derek Rowe, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs S Adams, Essex
Mrs J Eastham, Suffolk
Mrs E France, Beds
Mrs G Gladwell, Suffolk
Mrs R M Emerson, Cambs
Mrs J Wilkinson, Cambs
Miss A N Holloway, Norfolk
Mrs Connie Bateman, Essex
Mrs L Hamilton, Herts
Mrs M Roe, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 11th January, 2013 (Week 89)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr  P Laudler, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Edward Skelly, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs C A Savory, Norfolk
Mrs Marie Murfitt, Cambs
Mrs E Hillsden, Cambs
Mr C A Neave, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs P Martin, Cambs
Mr R Mickleburgh, Suffolk
Mrs S Tyler, Lincs
Mrs P Filer, Essex
Mr E C Meehan, Essex
Mr R Maidment, Norfolk
Ms K Plummer, Suffolk
Mrs J Applegate, Norfolk
Mr C Northrop, Beds
Miss Maureen Taylor, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 4th January, 2013 (Week 88)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr Geoffrey Laughlin, Herts
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Sandra Dalzell, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss L Vanscanlon, Cambs
Mr D Jackson, Cambs
Mr K Brown, Suffolk
Mrs E C Meehan, Essex
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Carol Harrison, Cambs
Mr L Darnell, Cambs
Mrs V O’Brien, Cambs
Miss A Collins, Essex
Mrs F Gray, Beds
Mr D Glover, Cambs
Mr E G Calton, Suffolk
Mr M Cash, Suffolk
Mrs Enid J Kinsey, Cambs
Mrs J Cluff Herts

Lottery Winners – 28th December, 2012 (Week 87)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Miss Karen Sandford, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs L Maynard, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs J Hills, Essex
Mr D & Mrs S Butler, Lincs
Mrs Pauline O’Carroll, Norfolk
Mrs J Miller, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr D Calvert, Essex
Mr S Endean, Suffolk
Mrs E D Moore, Norfolk
Mrs H A Jakes, Cambs
Mrs S Ross, Norfolk
Mrs E Walker, Cambs
Mrs Sheala Crockett, Cambs
Mr I Imlach, Norfolk
Mrs B Barber, Norfolk
Mrs M Abington, Beds

Lottery Winners – 21st December, 2012 (Week 86)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs June Duffy, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Tubbs, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Ms D E Wright, Norfolk
Mrs M Barron, Suffolk
Mrs J Abbott, Lincs
Mr S Wardlow, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs C Shepherd, Cambs
Mrs A Mickleburgh, Suffolk
Mrs J Ingham, Suffolk
Miss Pamela Blakeman, Cambs
Mrs Julia Shaw, Cambs
Mr Kevin Stone, Norfolk
Mr K Copeland, Norfolk
Mrs Sylvia Day, Suffolk
Mrs S E Williamson, Suffolk
Mrs T Birnie, Essex

Lottery Winners – 14th December, 2012 (Week 85)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs N Jolly, Peterborough
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr A Manning, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs A Anslow, Norfolk
Mrs E Legg, Lincs
Mrs Diana Davies, Norfolk
Mrs J P Tietz, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr R A Pearson, Cambs
Mr Stuart Forbes, Suffolk
Mrs B Breheny, Suffolk
Mrs J Hoffman, Norfolk
Mr F R Bratton, Norfolk
Mrs S Julian, Essex
Mrs Sheila Tebble, Norfolk
Mrs C Gotobed, Cambs
Mrs I Quantrill, Norfolk
Mr E A Rennie, Suffolk

Christmas Raffle Draw Winners

1st Prize:  Ticket No: 090778  Mrs Nicky Mitchell, Cambs

2nd Prize:  Ticket No: 177398  Mr D Mudd, Cambs

3rd Prize x 10:
Ticket No: 207380  Mrs L Dench, Cambs
Ticket No: 208282  Mr G Parrott,  Cambs
Ticket No: 035393  Mr S Richards, Peterborough
Ticket No: 250378  A Shelley, Herts
Ticket No: 258947  Mrs J Pelikan, Essex
Ticket No: 230920  Mrs E Bennett, Suffolk
Ticket No: 006389  R Zwolinska, Cambs
Ticket No: 084342  Mrs B Emery, Cambs
Ticket No: 228010  Mrs M E Brookes, Norfolk
Ticket No: 246786  Mrs C Hosier, Herts

Lottery Winners – 7th December, 2012 (Week 84)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs D Rackham, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss Sally-Ann Cohen, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
J I Moore, Herts
Mrs J Yates, Norfolk
Mrs C H Hills, Suffolk
Miss N Garguilo, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs C Brooks, Norfolk
Mr T Reay, Essex
Mr A Lee, Suffolk
Mrs Nicole Daines, Herts
Mrs S Thorpe, Essex
Mr James Corley, Cambs
Mrs Mandy Anderson, Cambs
Mr Terry Ford, Essex
Mr M E Neale, Essex
Mr J Nicholls, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 30th November, 2012 (Week 83)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr R Birtles, Lincs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Debby Cordery, Essex
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs S Simpson, Suffolk
Mrs Christine Pollock, Cambs
Mr P L Bowen, Suffolk
Mr Mike Dickson, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs C Munns, Cambs
Ms Pat Turner Downs, Norfolk
Mr W E Ford, Lincs
Mrs S Simpson, Essex
Mrs H Parmenter, Essex
Ms Penny Crosby, Norfolk
Mrs Sheila Gorton, Herts
Mrs Joy Barson, Cambs
Mrs J Oakley, Essex
Mrs L M Gray, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 23rd November, 2012 (Week 82)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs J Willmott,  Lincs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss J Sexton, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Ian Gilham, Suffolk
Mrs J Kerry, Suffolk
Mrs S Billingham, Norfolk
Mrs M S Clarke, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Jane Dobinson, Cambs
Mr J Marriott, Cambs
Mrs M Bignell, Norfolk
Mr R Welham, Cambs
Mrs S Sewell, Norfolk
Ms A Partis, Norfolk
Mrs J Chilvers, Cambs
Mrs B Carter, Cambs
Mrs V Hobbs, Cambs
Mr W Chapman, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 16th November, 2012 (Week 81)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Sarah Self, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Barbara Lewis, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Ms P Rigby, Herts
Mr R Baynes, Lincs
Mr R Dowse, Norfolk
Mrs J A H Williams, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs June Jenkins, Norfolk
Mrs Laura Green, Cambs
Mr M Abbott, Cambs
Mrs G Folbigg, Beds
Mrs F E Frear, Cambs
Mr N Phillips, Norfolk
Mrs C Towler, Cambs
Mrs E O Jeavons, Norfolk
J Lawrence, Norfolk
Mrs S J Patrick, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 9th November, 2012 (Week 80)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Sandra Wolstencroft, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs P J Burton, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr B F Home, Norfolk
Mrs Melva Matthews, Norfolk
Mrs A Syder, Essex
Mr J Mills, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs A Stacey, Cambs
Mr G Tinnes, Cambs
Mr D Crouch, Cambs
Mrs Barbara Howe, Suffolk
Mrs L J Dominic, Suffolk
Mrs S Andrews, Beds
Mrs K Westwood, Suffolk
Mrs Katrina Cooke, Suffolk
Mrs J S Galley, Norfolk
Miss Samantha E Adams-Jones

Lottery Winners – 2nd November, 2012 (Week 79)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr J R Garrington, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr Andy Wilson, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr J Hirons, Essex
Mrs D Crook, Cambs
Mr Stephen Pride, Norfolk
Mrs J P Henry, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Margaret Ives, Essex
Mr Brian May, Herts
Ms Hannah Nunn, Cambs
Ms Beata Gedzierska, Norfolk
Mrs M Evans, Lincs
Mr R Grace, Beds
Mr V Madge, Essex
Mrs J Nielsen, Norfolk
Mrs A Darocha, Herts
Mr M Stock, Herts

Lottery Winners – 26th October, 2012 (Week 78)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr G M Campion, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr J Hudson, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs D McCarthy, Essex
Mrs S Bryer, Suffolk
Mr N Pickering, Norfolk
Mrs J M French, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs A Cole, Herts
A Philpott, Suffolk
Mr C Douglas, Norfolk
Mrs Jean Welburn, Cambs
Miss L J Andrew, Essex
Mrs Lesley Bridges, Cambs
Mr Malcolm Fisher, Norfolk
Miss H L P Pidgeon, Norfolk
Mr B Moore, Norfolk
Mrs K Dean, Beds

Lottery Winners – 19th October, 2012 (Week 77)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs R Carney, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Ms D Halley-Frame, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs N Bethell, Cambs
Ms D Tuffrey, Norfolk
Mrs Alma Combes, Suffolk
Mrs D H Parry, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Gary Kassa, Norfolk
Mrs M Woodhouse, Norfolk
Mr Edward C E Baker, Suffolk
Mrs M Smith, Cambs
Mrs Susan Lemon, Herts
Mr Colin Mcahren, Cambs
Mrs L Knowles, Essex
Ms N Jenkins, Norfolk
Mrs Sandra Chapman, Suffolk
Mr C & Mrs S Massey, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 12th October, 2012 (Week 76)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr Christopher Dodson, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr D C Spreckley, Herts
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs K Lane, Norfolk
Mrs Margaret Pye, Lincs
Mrs F Harvey, Herts
Mrs Christine Morris, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr P J Smith, Norfolk
Mr R Snudden, Cambs
Mrs Nicky Roberts, Norfolk
Mrs Barbara Reynolds, Lincs
Miss Tracy Williamson, Norfolk
Mrs G S Ziviani, Herts
Mrs E Turner, Norfolk
Mrs Kerry Heslin, Cambs
Mr Alan Howard, Norfolk
Mrs M Croft, Lincs

Lottery Winners – 5th October, 2012 (Week 75)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr G Stokes, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs S Nowland, Beds
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Julie Alexander, Essex
Miss J Mantle, Herts
Mr P Dallas, Essex
Mr Arthur Whitelam, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs J Perry, Norfolk
Mrs V Hartley, Norfolk
Mrs R Whitbourn, Norfolk
Miss A Wilson, Suffolk
Mr G Paice, Norfolk
Mr N Morgan, Essex
Mrs K Whiteman, Norfolk
Mrs M Pestell, Cambs
Mrs J Stacey, Norfolk
Mrs A Marks, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 28th September, 2012 (Week 74)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs W. Gamble, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss Emma Tull, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs A Schumann, Cambs
Mr G Bryant, Kent
Mrs Nicola Bell, Essex
Mrs Vivien Childs, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs R Miller, Cambs
Mrs M Pestell, Cambs
Mrs V A Bull, Norfolk
Mrs Linda Loveridge, Norfolk
Miss H Barlett, Suffolk
Mr Malcolm Flatman, Norfolk
Mrs L Harker, Cambs
Mr David Girling, Cambs
Mrs C Riseborough, Cambs
Ms Mary Andrew, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 21st September, 2012 (Week 73)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs A Harris, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr A Hill, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Colin Brunded, Norfolk
Mrs S Raven, Herts
Mrs N Malyon, Cambs
Mrs M Parslow, Lincs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr M Pearson, Suffolk
Mrs Brenda Fisher, Cambs
Mr G Woods, Norfolk
Mr A Lincoln, Norfolk
Mrs J Thompson, Cambs
Mrs J Martin & Mr D Black, Essex
Mrs Valerie Irons, Norfolk
Mr David Hart, Cambs
Mrs T Burley, Beds
Mrs G Mayes, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 14th September, 2012 (Week 72)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr Joseph McCracken, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr E B Cooper, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs D Toovey, Suffolk
Mrs Maria Large, Norfolk
Mrs J Sewell, Cambs
Mr A Stebbing, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs A Leonard, Cambs
CS King
Mrs A Bishop, Cambs
Mrs T Reeve, Cambs
Miss A Trust, Suffolk
Mrs J Jones, Beds
Mr J Lumley, Cambs
Mrs A A Marks, Norfolk
Mrs L Williams, Norfolk
Mr J Potter, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 7th September, 2012 (Week 71)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs K O’Connor, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss S Walker, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs S Follows, Norfolk
Mr M Warringer, Norfolk
Mrs D Daimond, Cambs
Miss S Hacon, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs T Halls, Norfolk
Mr William Grey, Cambs
Mr L Chatham, Cambs
Joy Brice, Norfolk
Mr R Snodgrass, Norfolk
Mr A Durrent, Lincs
Mrs Sylvia Roberts, Suffolk
G Chubbock, Cambs
Mr David Stone, Cambs
Miss Rebecca Mitchell, Cambs

Lottery Winners - 31st August, 2012 (Week 70)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Marian O’Brien
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs M Mitchell, Herts
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Hilary Parker, Norfolk
L A Hitchings, Cambs
Mrs S Spencer, Cambs
Mr Mark Graddage, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Karen Stubbs, Norfolk
Mrs J M Stewart, Cambs
Ms Patricia Davis, Cambs
Mrs Maureen Skeels, Cambs
Mrs G Bull, Herts
Mrs E Kerr, Beds
Mrs Julie Dekker, Norfolk
Mr J Cooper, Norfolk
Mr J McCarroll, Herts
Mrs Margaret Phyllis Sayer, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 24th August, 2012 (Week 69)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Melissa Prior, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Sarah Gallant, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Ms Adrienne Mahony, Cambs
Mr David Skelton, Cambs
Mr N Thorpe, Lincs
Mrs J Morris, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Peter Wiggins, Norfolk
Ms Patricia Henson, Cambs
Mrs R Wilson, Norfolk
Mr K Smith, Cambs
Mr Michael Turtle, Cambs
Mrs T Bevan, Norfolk
Mr Roger Wilfert, Essex
Mrs Sheila Stewart, Herts
Mrs L M Jones, Cambs
Kerry Johnson, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 17th August, 2012 (Week 68)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Sue Johns, Hants
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr & Mrs Kingsbury, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs C A Greenfield, Kent
Mrs Pamela Newsome, Norfolk
Ms L Packer, Cambs
Mrs A Grimmer, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Lynn Carrivick, Suffolk
Mrs A McAlinney, Beds
Mr John Harris, Suffolk
Mrs S Shepperson, Norfolk
Mrs Helen Trahearn, Cambs
Mrs S Lawlor, Norfolk
Mrs Ann Rasberry, Norfolk
Mr E G French, Norfolk
Mrs Gillian Smith, Suffolk
Mrs Hilary Oliver, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 10th August, 2012 (Week 67)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Lisa Keeley, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs F M Vince, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Miss E Smith, Essex
Mrs Trixie Reeves, Norfolk
Mrs G Heffer, Cambs
Mr & Mrs B W Boag, Suffolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr S P Creak, Cambs
Mr Terence McCrystal, Suffolk
Mrs Alison Asher, Essex
Miss Rebecca Moore, Norfolk
Mrs H Mawby, Norfolk
Mrs Doreen Pay, Norfolk
Mr J L Field, Norfolk
Mrs S Sweeney, Norfolk
Mrs Joyce Turney, Cambs
Miss A Pirtniece, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 3rd August, 2012 (Week 66)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs J Whitwell, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Nicola Wheeler, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs B Gager, Norfolk
Mrs S Huggins, Norfolk
Mr John Manning, Norfolk
Mrs Margaret Key, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr L Quick, Peterborough
Mrs S Matthews, Norfolk
Mrs Carol Hill, Suffolk
Mrs J Jackson, Cambs
Mrs S Streeter, Notts
Mrs E M Hobbs, Suffolk
Mrs V Evans, Essex
Mrs J Scott, Cambs
Mr Peter Binns, Cambs
Mr David Swift, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 27th July, 2012 (Week 65)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs R Kelly, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Ms Sally Batchelder, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr Andrew Parker, Peterborough
Mrs E Hardy, Cambs
Mr Ashley Anderson, Cambs
Mr B Clemence, Suffolk�
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Ms Jane Wilson, Peterborough
Mr T Smith, Cambs
Mr Colin Jacobs, Norfolk
Mrs Anne Williams, Norfolk
Mrs B Smart, Cambs
Mrs Sarah Rapson, Essex
Mr W L Clachar, Beds
Mr Ben Houslip, Cambs
Mrs E Bailey, Cambs
Mrs D Hughes, Suffolk

Lottery Winners – 20th July, 2012 (Week 64)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs K Beard, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Brenda Ayers, Suffolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs D Steadman, Cambs
Mrs M Ballard, Norfolk
Mrs C Moore, Suffolk
Mrs Phyllis Vect, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr Jake Norris, Camb
Ms J Cooper, Norfolk
Mrs Hazel Baughan, Cambs
Mrs Patricia Stainer, Cambs
Mr P Chapman, Norfolk
Mrs E Taylor, Cambs
Mrs V Dove, Suffolk
Mrs Deborah Loza, Cambs
Mr Terry Evans, Cambs
Mrs Olive Hewitt, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 13th July, 2012 (Week 63)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr B Bates, Essex
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs V M Armstrong, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs L Wicks, Essex
Mrs Valerie Westaway, Herts
Mrs J Poulton, Norfolk
Miss L Clarke, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs S Barnes, Cambs
Mrs Sylvia A Scott, Cambs
Mrs W Middleton, Norfolk
Mrs E Gurr, Suffolk
Mr L Walker, Norfolk
Mrs F I Murray, Cambs
Mr D Wilson, Norfolk
Mrs B P Cromer, Norfolk
Mr Keith  A Frost, Norfolk
Mrs Jennifer Wells, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 6th July, 2012 (Week 62)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Miss A Owen, Suffolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs M Robinson, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mr L Howe, Cambs
Mrs J Murray, Norfolk
Mr M Ferris, Essex
Mrs U Bonner, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs A Tigue, Norfolk
Mrs Lucie Owen-Drawbridge, Suffolk
Mrs Beryl Mackie, Norfolk
Mrs Elizabeth Keogh, Cambs
Mrs S Pettitt, Beds
Mrs V Cooper, Cambs
Mr L Mardon, Suffolk
Mrs A M E Allison, Cambs
Mr R Neave, Cambs
Mrs Audrey Barlow, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 29th June, 2012 (Week 61)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs K Scott, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs P Whittaker, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Gillian Knight, Cambs
Mr David Hindle, Norfolk
Mrs Vera Deegan, Norfolk
Mrs S Pearse, Essex
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr William Doherty, Cambs
Mr Reg Berry, Essex
Mr D Chapple, Cambs
Mrs T Webb, Suffolk
Mrs Margaret Van Jaarsveld, Norfolk
Mr D Trett, Norfolk
Miss B Bone, Suffolk
Mrs Anne Kent, Beds
Mrs V Francis, Essex
Mr E Dell, Norfolk

Lottery Winners - 22nd June, 2012 (Week 60)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr C Starr, Herts
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs J Theze, Herts
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Rachel Higgins, Norfolk
Mrs L Kelly, Cambs
Mrs Maureen Hunton, Norfolk
Mrs K Hipperson, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Janette Fletcher, Herts
Mr G Shaw, Norfolk
Mrs Pat Eglin, Cambs
Mrs C Keating, Norfolk
Mrs Georgina O’Shea, Norfolk
Mr D Watson, Norfolk
Mr M Derbyshire, Norfolk
Miss Wendy Borrett, Suffolk
D Falkus, Suffolk
Miss P Bassett, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 15th June, 2012 (Week 59)1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr M Halliwell, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr P Harris, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Y Mapley, Essex
Mrs C Shaw, Cambs
Mrs Caroline Grassby, Norfolk
Mr David Hart, Cambs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr G Mackay, Norfolk
Mr David Brown, Cambs
Mrs J Brackley, Cambs
Ms Marie Eissens, Suffolk
Mr John Capon, Essex
Mr Philip Pitcher, Suffolk
Mrs V M Gibson, Cambs
Mr B Torrington, Cambs
Mrs C Smith, Norfolk
Mrs Ann Brown, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 8th June, 2012 (Week 58)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs H Savage, Herts
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mr David Warrington, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs D Chorlton, Beds
Mr Gareth Lamb, Herts
Mr J Clarke, Cambs
Mrs Joyce Webster, Lancs
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs M Sharman, Cambs
Mr Barrie Garland, Cambs
Ms Mandy Quinn, Suffolk
Mrs R Craig, Suffolk
Mr P Rogerson, Cambs
Mr Mark Mangin, Herts
Mrs Julie Moon, Essex
Mrs C Flood, Suffolk
Mrs J Hawkins, Essex
Mrs Lisa Watkinson, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 1st June, 2012 (Week 57)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs J L Goodbody, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs J Carver, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs B Lohan, Suffolk
Mrs A Garlinge, Norfolk
Mr G McGowen, Cambs
Mr J D Forde, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs Vivien Prescott, Lincs
Lt Colonel K M Ryan, Suffolk
Mr P Edwards, Norfolk
Mrs Mary Turner, Essex
Mrs E J Bone, Norfolk
Mrs V S Malins, Cambs
Mr John Stanyon, Cambs
Mr S Newton, Essex
Mr C Howson, Beds
Mrs Gaby O’Driscoll, Herts

Lottery Winners – 25th May, 2012 (Week 56)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mr F Howard, Norfolk
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs G Palfrey
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs Tracey Wilson, Cambs
Mr Clifford Riordan, Cambs
Mrs Celia Osmond, Suffolk
Mrs J Tunney, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs C Britton, Cambs
Mrs J Hardy, Cambs
Mr L Williams, Norfolk
Mr G Letch, Cambs
Mrs M Sullivan, Norfolk
Mrs Vanessa Read, Norfolk
Mrs D R Bird, Cambs
Mrs Deborah Vale, Cambs
Mr I Kinge, Norfolk
Mrs L Harrod, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 18th May, 2012 (Week 55)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs R Couldridge, Beds
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss R Moss, Cambs
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs P A Simpson, Norfolk
Mr D Rice, Cambs
Mrs Nelson, Norfolk
Mrs D Brooks, Herts
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Ms C Hart, Cambs
Mr A kolodziiecjzyk, Beds
Mrs Grace Glover, Cambs
Miss T Brown, Norfolk
Mrs G Shepherd, Cambs
Mr Malcolm Bailey, Norfolk
M J Harford, Cambs
Mrs V Wrigglesworth, Norfolk
Miss Heidi Masters, Suffolk
Mr Bernard D Cavender, Cambs

Lottery Winners – 11th May, 2012(Week 55)

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Mrs Yvonne Smith, Cambs
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss R N Havens, Norfolk
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs P Deary, Norfolk
Mrs E Reed, Cambs
Mrs Elizabeth Cassell, Essex
Mrs Carole Lusher, Norfolk
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs D Airs, Norfolk
Miss J Hamilton, Cambs
Mr F Mead, Herts
Mrs M Dewis, Norfolk
Mr Alan Cunningham, Norfolk
Mr F H Wigby, Herts
Mrs Kathleen Osborn, Cambs
Mrs M Franklin, Lincs
Mrs M Winter, Suffolk
Mrs Penny Bartlett, Norfolk

Lottery Winners – 4th May, 2012

1st Prize : £1,000.00
Winner wishes to remain anonymous�
2nd Prize : £100.00
Mrs Vicky Fowler, Suffolk�
3rd Prize : 4 x £25.00
Mrs R Doughton, Cambs
Mrs T Bevan, Norfolk
Mrs Barbara Thomas, Essex
Mrs J Freebourne, Cambs�
4th Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mrs D Cooper, Norfolk
Mr & Mrs R Webb, Cambs
Mr Ronald Staff, Norfolk
Mrs Karen Catchpole, Norfolk
Mrs Linda Thatcher, Norfolk
Mr S K Ridley, Cambs
Mrs Catherine Waterton, Cambs
Mrs June Simmonds, Norfolk
Mrs Tanya Layt, Norfolk
Mrs Lisa Laud, Cambs

May Day Raffle Winners – 1st May 2012

1st Prize : £500.00
Mrs M A Parsley, Cambs (043792)
2nd Prize : £100.00
Miss P Woodall, Norfolk (097700)
3rd Prize : 10 x £10.00
Mr M Wilsher, Cambs (020071)
Mr S Peck (135378)
G L Frost, Cambs (058362)
Mrs S Cook, Cambs (013099)
Miss P Carry, Cambs (022039)
Mrs P Wright, Norfolk (081397)
Mrs M Poole, Cambs (012762)
Mr & Mrs Keefe, Cambs (000616)
Mr D Morgan, Cambs (060381)
Mr M O’Connell, Cambs (007693)